50 Shades Of Shame.

Ok. I’m ready for this. I know I’m not the only one talking about it (ehm.. world wide trend, as you might know ) but I don’t care. I definitely need to explain what I felt at the sight of such peculiar informations…

Let’s start from point n. 1

Mr Grey. He is this imaginary guy who’s freaking sexy and handsome and outstanding and filled with masculine hormones and rich etc .. That’s predicted ! But what I was wondering is who would be so evil to invent this perfect dark knight ? Women are already full of guilty pleasures they will never get and giving them the possibility  to think about another even much guiltier pleasure it’s  agonizing.  Find our other ” half ” it’s already a challenge due to the fact that women usually have too many pretensions; and then Mr Grey came. Which means that now every other guy different from Mr Grey can go and screw himself. Which means itself that our last possibility to find our other half is gone.

Point n.2

Sex. Well, I’ve never thought of sex as a taboo. I’ve always thought that partners should talk about it without any problems as I consider talking the best way to make things go better. But after all those positions, and used condoms, and sex in the bath, and sex in the shower, and sex on a chair, and on a couch, and on the floor, and standing, and sitting, and doggy style,with tied hands and feet, with every sort of sex toys — after all these clear images of how fascinating sex could be, I feel a little bit devastated. I’m devastated because I’m sure that no one on earth will ever let me feel those feelings Anastasia felt with Mr Grey. And of course this is another unappeasable guilty pleasure (F WORD!)

Point n.3

This book could be considered as a way to tell the world that women are big undercover perverted. And I’m sure that I’m right. This book is a worl wide success because of women; the author had to write two sequels to the story because of women; then they had to film a movie because women weren’t satisfied enough. Everything runs around women and the fact that women love sex.

At this point I can tell you : stop doing what you’re doing and go and have some great and fascinating sex. We don’t need fiction anymore. Unfortunately, there is no Mr Grey !!               I’m sorry for you  but don’t worry girls, we are strong enough to make our own Mr Grey !

I’m gonna start first and see what can I do. Are you ready to start this challenge ?

Miss Misunderstood.



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