Goddamnit ! I’m lost.

I’m here, writing on this old, damaged and filthy PC of my dad’s office and I feel lost. I feel like my whole life is falling into a big endless hole.                       I know that I’m a teenager and that my life needs to go this way for a while but I’m so tired of all this. I can’t stand it anymore.

I just want to know: where are those simple and reckless experiences of our youth, where are those cheerful and easygoing way of living life.. Why is eveything so different from fiction stories ? I want my personal M-O-V-I-E.

My parents can’t understand the way I feel and while I’m costantly under the pressure of my next failure, they try, in every possible way, to make everything worse. Do I mean something to them ? or am I only their stupid, worthless daughter ? I’m sure that there are lot of other people out there struggling to eat a piece of bread while I’m here in this office complaining about anything.

But I definitely need a place where I could say how much my life sucks.

So you, who’s trying to understand the reason of my little paragraph, I hope you have a better life than mine and if you haven’t, keep in mind that we can support each other to face this whole bunch of people. And that’s all.

Still Ginger, still Miss Misunderstood.

Thanks for listening to me. §



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