≂ Sun is my luck. ≂

Hello everyone, how’s going on ? I’m so relieved today that it is very difficult for me to write down how my mood is right now. Sun beams make my skin feel better and when my skin feels better then all my body, both in the inside and in the outside, is freaking great !

As you might notice from the picture on the blog, my face is completely covered in freckles and it’s such an awesome thing. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always go this way.  Freckles need sun to “live” so when it’s summer everything is perfect and there is no possibility for me to complain about anything. Torture comes when summer ends and the beauty of  warm, refreshing and cheerful  sun beams goes away to another land. This is the exact moment when I feel hatred for the seasons interchange.  Why ?  Because freckels start to go away leaving my skin unprotected and free to the be ruined by the cruelties of winter.

Then, that perfect and light and adorable skin, turns into a oily, grey tissue. And making things go worse is makeup. Who the hell did invent those horrible and difficult to use ” substances ” ? Everytime I go to a makeup shop I get completely lost : “May I help you !” “Oh yes, of course! I simply need something to cover those black spots on my nose. What can you suggest me ?” “Well we have many interesting products that you may like.”

At this point everything is great and you are usually happy to have found somebody helpful. Then, there’s the “oh oh” question.

“What kind of skin do you have?”

What the hell of a question is ? I mean, I am here to find a solution, so why are you asking me things I’m not supposed to know ? It’s so frustrating. ( I really hope I’m not the only one saying this, it’d be very sad then xD )

So, to bring this little article to a conclusion, sun makes me happy. For this reason, I’m not going to waste the big opportunity I have today to feel better; I’m gonna turn off the computer and I’m gonna go out for a soothing walk through the marvellous streets of my fascinating city. You should do the same !

You people who’s reading my boring posts, I wish you a happy, warm and cheerful day and may the odds be ever in you favor 😉

Miss Misunderstood.



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