A Sneak Peek into Postcrossing World !

Hello guys ! Today I needed to tell you how incredible is this site I’ve found surfing on the internet.


I suggest you to visit it and get to know what it is about. In the meantime I will try to give you a little summary of it !

Basically, this site is focused on a way to connect people from all over the world in a very easy way. The inventor of it is a portuguese businessman, I believe, who really enjoyed travelling all around the world to get to know other people’s cultures. But after years of travelling he had to settle down because of his job. Therefore he needed to find a way that would have left him the opportunity to get to a balance between his job and passion.  He came up with the idea of postcards communication and it all started from it !

His idea it’s absolutely phenomenal !

I got to know this incredible site thank to Mariafrancesca, one of my closer friends. We were sunbathing on the beach and she showed me a card she received that morning : it was the most beautiful card I’ve ever seen. It was all colourful and it had this kind of painting by Monet, I guess, with a golden borderline. She told me that it was a card from Japan and the girl who sent her the postcard was a 44 year old woman who lived near Tokyo.

I was completely enchanted by that card and that underestimated way to get to know the world. I immediately felt like I had to sign up. And of course I did it !

Best decision ever. Since that day I had the opportunity to receive hundreds of cards from all over the world and trust me, having your mailbox filled with colourful and scented postcards you know are coming from places you won’t ever be able to visit, is very incredible.

I received postcards from Japan, Kenya, Australia, UK, USA, Ireland .. and the thing is that each card explains me in a very uncommon way how precious world cultures could be. Infact receiving those cards helped me a lot to understand how much I should be grateful to be able to be  part of this giant and amazing world.

If you like travelling but you can’t do it because of lack of financial resources then you might  sign up. I’m not saying that receiving postcards it’s as exciting as travelling with a backpack. But I think that it could help you to soothe your mood while saving money for your next journey !

I really hope you’ll appreciate my advice !

“Happy Postcrossing guys” !

Miss Misunderstood.



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