“Apple Pancakes”.. Easiest way to make a snack :)

Hello guys !

This thing I’m going to do could be considered predicted for the simple reason that as an italian, I should be spending my days making or baking things. Well, this isn’t the truth. It’s true that italian cookery is great but it doesn’t mean that every italian knows how to cook.

I like cooking but differently from my mother’s point of view, I consider cooking as a way to fill up my days. Like an hobby. Exactly what a girl at my age would do.                                              My mother doesn’t think so. She says that cooking is an art that has its own rules that you must follow. Everytime I watch her making meals it’s like watching a sculptor ready to carve a new masterpiece. She picks every ingredient with firm attention, choosing those which are free from defects. I adore watching her cooking and I wish I could do the same. Maybe I just need time and patience to get to her level ! I hope so 🙂

So, today I wanted to give you this simple recipe of my favourite snack ! These are called “Apple Pancakes” and differently from what you may think about them, they’re not as the normal american pancakes. They may have some ingredients in common but nothing more.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !



 3 Apples;  2 Eggs;  a Lemon;  100 gr. Flour;  a spoon of Baking Powder;  1/2 glass of Milk;  salt;  Icing Sugar.

Peel the apples and cut them all in washer shape, like a CD. Make sure to cut out the center of each “apple CD” to be able to remove the seeds. Then squeeze the lemon on them to avoid oxidation and put them in the fridge.

Break the eggs and while mixing the yolks into a bowl with salt and lemon’s skin pieces, save the whites into a dish for a second use. After mixing,  you can then add the whites to the mixture together with flour, milk and baking powder. Let the mixture rest for few minutes.

Put a pan on the cooker and pour frying oil in it. Let it heat up. When the oil reaches the perfect temperature than it’s time to make our delicious apple pancakes.

Take the apples from the fridge and the bowl with the liquid mixture. Dip one apple at time into the liquid mixture and then leave it into the frying pan. Wait ‘till it gilds. When the pancake it’s gilded enough then lift it from the pan with a perforated spoon and leave it on a dish covered with absorbent paper.

Wait until pancakes don’t get cooler. When they’re cool enough then cover them with icing sugar and serve them.

Your snack is ready !



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