Dreaming is a Life’s Dare !

My mum’s sad and I know what’s the reason of her sadness. It’s me.

She can’t stand the fact that I’ve decided to quit going to the University. She doesn’t agree with this decision I’ve made as she thinks that I’m making a huge mistake that I will soon regret.

But honestly, I don’t care.

I think that what I’m doing will be meaningful for me and my future. I wouldn’t bear any longer to live a life that wasn’t mine. I’ve spent my whole life making decisions I thought my parents would certainly appreciate. But now I can say that I would never make those decisions myself.

At a certain point I felt like I was trying to satisfy my parents’ requests only because I didn’t want them to yell at me or to be mad at me. Now I’m ready to live my life the way I want.

I want to make mistakes. I want to fall down and broke my back a thousand times. I want to be upset for a failure and happy for a success. I believe that mistake is what will make me grow so, the more I fail the more I will understand the importance of an achievement.

I don’t get when I hear people say : “If you do so, you’ll make your parents very upset !”  I mean, I’m not asking them to let me live a life as a slut or a drug dealer !!!!!!!!!!! I’m asking them to live my life and to follow my dreams.

No one said that following your dreams would be easy but if you do it with passion and perseverance, then anything is impossible ! When I say “I’m gonna be an actress!” People look at me like I’m saying bullshit. Like I’m a stupid person who can’t understand what she’s saying.

Do you know who Martin Luther King was? Do you know what did he fight for? He was a Dreamer ! He dreamed to give black people the opportunity to live a proper life, as happy as white people. And you know what ? He made it. He believed in what he said and with perseverance and will, he made his dreams come true.

No one helped him during those tough battles he had to face for the simple reason that everybody around him thought that his dreams were just stupid kid’s fantasies.

Well, I believe in myself. I know I can make it and I will with all my heart. I will fight ‘till my days will end because M.L. King taught me to do so ! I won’t give an ‘S’ about anyone and if being an actress will mean hard life, then I’m ready to fight and push harder.  And you, who’s reading my posts, if you believe in something then don’t you ever dare to stop doing it ! You will need lot of strenght and will to win your battles but I think that all your strains will make targets worth the pain !




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