Help ! My dad’s superstitious..

Hello guys !

This morning I was sitting on my dad’s office armchair and I started thinking about how much superstitious my dad is. He does the same things every godamn day.

I haven’t noticed it before because maybe I wasn’t careful enough. Actually, I’ve never had a proper conversation with my dad. He’s always working from early morning ‘till late night and now that I’ve started “working” with him, I’m realizing how little I know about his life !

He wakes up at 7.30 am and goes straight to the bathroom for his morning “needs”. He has his breakfast which consists in a cup of coffee and a snack. Nothing more. Then he goes to the bathroom again to brush his teeth and shave his beard but since he has decided to let his beard grow , he’s now skipping the “shaving” part.

Then he dresses up and goes to work.

He drinks another cup of coffee in his favourite bar but he never drinks the whole cup. He always leaves a sip. He leaves a sip and 10 cents.

He buys 5 lottery tickets and goes to his shop. He fixs up the shop windows, turns up the lights and cleans the counter. Then he smokes a cigarette and writes down some random notes. That’s it. A slow and homicidal routine.

I thought it was something  he couldn’t avoid. Something he couldn’t control because this was maybe how his job should’ve worked.

Then my mother helped me to understand what was the reason : superstition.

He does the same boring things because that’s what he thinks he needs to do. My dad believes that if he stops following this routine, something may happen. Of course that something would be a calamity. Directly connected with fate.


I don’t know how it would be to be a superstitious person, I believe it would mean not living your life fully. Always scared of a change. Maybe that’s the reason why my father’s superstitious : HE’S SCARED. 

Where do you think superstition comes from ?



2 thoughts on “Help ! My dad’s superstitious..

    1. It could be one of the reason for sure ! I will start to ask my father things about his childhood. I need to understand the reason why he’s so damn supertitious. I will take it as my new challenge xD Thank you for answering me btw 😀

      Mi piace


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