The Method.

I’m sorry guys for not being constantly active on this project. I had to pass through very tough moments. Now everything’s going better and I’m finally back, ready to entertain you with my totally stupid and outclassed opinions about life, food, people, sex, boys and a “20-year-old-girl-without-future” boring routine.

Ginger's sad.
Ginger’s sad.

This morning, while I was reading my beloved Vanity Fair, I’ve noticed a little article which was about the usual social media problems that the actual generation is forced to face. I felt so fondly linked to that that I couldn’t avoid myself from thinking about it. I couldn’t believe that it was so desperately sad and true.

So, after a long journey through my deep and complicated mind,  I came up with an inspiration for this brief chapter.

We’ve always felt like we were not enough because of those standards that social media gave us in between our years. So, we spend most of our life pretending to find a solution that could make us capable to get to those standards. We pretend, because our subconscious knows exactly that we were born with determined characteristics that we will never be able to change.

"Every shape is perfect".
“Every shape is perfect”.

For instance, for example, no long legs or thin cheeks for me. I will struggle even with the certainty that I will never reach a good result, but that’s fine. It keeps me occupied at least.

Now, the question is, why do we do that ?
Simple. We believe that following those standards could help us get a simpler and maybe nicer life. We believe that that new look tutorial we found on the internet will give us the chance to get a better job. Or even to win that nice guy’s love we met the day before in the tube.
This is just awful and we know that, because we spend the other half of our time judging other people doing our same things. It is like a huge circle of nonsense mechanism.

And as a matter of fact, we’ve pursued methods that could help us throw out or real feelings : Facebook, twitter, Instagram  or whatever. Methods that we thought could give us a light in the dark, that could help us not to feel lonely anymore.

Methods that should give us better opportunities.
Methods that should give us better opportunities.

In some ways it did work especially when you see those support groups that created what I would call a real change in the system. But it is not only about support.
It is about judge and need of attentions that kills our “good nature”.

We know that the world is a huge and complicated web of people’s ideas. This giant globe is constantly looking for the next one. It could be the next scientist, or the next astronaut, or the next model, or the next actor .. It isn’t static. It changes very quickly and this simple movement it makes, could be called “opportunity”. That’s what we want.

We want our opportunity to be under the spotlight and say what we truly want to say while the others listen. We want to feel understood.
It is not always about fame or money or very expensive cars.
Being under the spotlight is an opportunity for some of us.

It is a ‘method‘ to show the world that we exist.




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