About me.


My name’s Chiara and though it may sound useless to you, I have a very strong need to tell you that I’m weird. Perhaps it would help you have a better consideration of this blog and its posts.

There’s plenty of random paragraphs around here written with the expectation of a great result, with the firm purpose to be useful to somebody. But I don’t really give a shit about it. That’s absolutely not what I want.

I’ve found myself here, on this platform, for the very simple need of giving a louder voice to my thoughts and points of view without any positive expectations. I thought it would be helpful for me and that poor little brain of mine which is constantly flooded by multiple waves of belives and random fantasies that will never take position in life.

It’s like I’m stuck in a dimension that makes everything more difficult and unbearable. My senses seem rusted and litteraly obfuscated by thick clouds of embarassement.

And I find myself repeating Idontcarehoping that the weight of selfconsciousness on my shoulders gets lighter. Even just a little, but at least lighter than before.

Throught these passed years I’ve been struggling with fear, hatred, anger and depression because of my stupid attitude of listening to what “people” say. I’ve lost a dignity, I’ve lost trust and love. I’ve fought hard wars and won though victories. I felt lonely and then super-surrounded by bad thoughts and old superstitions. I’ve cried and laughed more than I would expect. I’ve lost pounds, physically and mentally speaking.

And above all, I’ve lived. Truly, deeply and freely I did. I still do and still I’ll keep on doing.

In the meantime, between university, job issues, my dogs’ saliva, mum’s needs of attention, random errands that pop out when you don’t really expect them, love and unusual lack of solitude, I find myself taking pictures and writing down random notes that help fix my moments in mind.

That’s the actual core of the page.

Since I’m weird and basically volatile, I feel that taking picture can help me fix things in time and it keeps my feet on the ground. Essentially it helps me feel less weird and it basically cuts the wings of my unlimited fantasy.

Well, that’s it for now. That’s me and that’s what you might find here.

Hope you’ll like it 🙂



2 thoughts on “About me.

    1. Dear Irina it’s such an honor for me to receive your personal message because actually I’m such a huge fan of yours ! Believe it or not I have thousands of your paintings on my computer !.. the only thing is that I don’t know where to put your name because my computer programm has a very old version of wordpress.. do you know how can I do it ? I definitely don’t want to disappoint you , it would be a catastrophy for me, and please forgive me for not giving you any credits !

      Mi piace


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