“Apple Pancakes”.. Easiest way to make a snack :)

When there's nothing in your fridge but very untasty and unhealthy food then an easy and quick recipe is what you need ! Hope you'll like it !

James Bay’s CD is trying to tell me something.

Hold back the river.

A Sneak Peek into Postcrossing World !

Would you like to know a very uncommon way of travelling ?

It’s your fault and it will always go this way !

Blame it on the night.

A home office, a baby, a life

Incredible article.

write meg!


Who knew a room could launch you into adulthood?

I spend a strange amount of time not feeling “old enough.” Not old enough to have a house, a car, credit cards, a checkbook. Not being old enough to have a husband and a baby on the way; not old enough to argue with cable companies and insurance representatives, to be grocery shopping independently and gathering tax documents.

Though I don’t obsess about it, I often feel like I’m glancing over my shoulder — waiting for someone else to swoop in and take care of things. Fix the insurance snafus; adjust the thermostat. Be the adult in the room.

It’s scary to realize you’re the adult present. The one throwing the party, taking the phone calls, signing up for health care. It’s all you.

We have a home office. One with built-in cabinetry, outlets for computers, actual computers, a mug with…

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