Trains °

They say occasions are like trains : they come and they go forever. Would you leave everything behind for a single train ?

The Method.

I'm sorry guys for not being constantly active on this project. I had to pass through very tough moments. Now everything's going better and I'm finally back, ready to entertain you with my totally stupid and outclassed opinions about life, food, people, sex, boys and a “20-year-old-girl-without-future” boring routine. This morning, while I was reading … Continua a leggere The Method.

Dreaming is a Life’s Dare !

Daring to dream is the only chance we have to live...fully...unconditionally...Happy.

“Apple Pancakes”.. Easiest way to make a snack :)

When there's nothing in your fridge but very untasty and unhealthy food then an easy and quick recipe is what you need ! Hope you'll like it !

James Bay’s CD is trying to tell me something.

Hold back the river.

It’s your fault and it will always go this way !

Blame it on the night.